Archetype International provides technically skilled joinery staff, on a project or virtual contract bases: we have access to a huge talent pool of staff that could be an excellent resource for your business.

Archetype International are an Australian company based in the Philippines, we have been supplying highly skilled joinery service to the International market place for the past 10 yrs. As such we have the experience and capability to provide dedicated virtual staff for your business.

Archetype International is a Philippines-based business, specializing in the outsourcing of 

  • Architectural services

  • Joinery ACAD shop drawings

  • Interior design support services

  • Construction detailing

  • Shop fitting drawings

  • 3D rendering and fly through

  • Archetype International can provide a numerous range of skilled talent for your business.

    We can provide HIGHLY skilled staff for the following:

    • Architectural Industry
    • Interior Design
    • Joinery
    • Shop Fitting
    • Construction

    Terms of Engagement

    • We specialize in providing dedicated offshore staff to organizations looking for a mid (minimum 3 month) to long term remote staffing solution.
    • You can access our in house team of professional staff or we can place exceptional staff – specializing in your specific needs; that will stay with you for years to come and who will constantly exceed your expectations.
    • Access project based staff from our in house team of Architects, that may suit clients that need help for specific project based roles.

    Our Cost

    We can save you up to 70% on your current staffing!

    Our Virtual staffing agreements are flexible and designed to grow with your business.

    Our flat rate fees start at $15.00 hr to $20.00 hr (depending on the role)

    Your dedicated full time staff work 20 days per month, 8 hours per day (160 hours per month).

    You only pay for the days the staff work, any sick/holiday/leave days are credited the following month.


    We understand new virtual staff need training and time to understand each clients specific

    needs, as such we offer the first 40 hours (1 week) FREE.

    We shall work hand in hand through this transition period to ensure a smooth and seamless implementation of our clients systems.

    In House Support:

    Archetype International provides internal management and support to all virtual staff. Australian professionals in the field of joinery, Interiors, Fit Out, and Architecture are in house to support as and when needed.

    Key Benefits

    Let’s look at the key benefits of utilizing Virtual staffing:

    • Cost reduction up to 70%
    • Easy hourly rate fee
    • Flexible working hrs and agreements, letting you scale your business
    • Access a highly skilled work force
    • Huge costs savings to your bottom line
    • Access our in house team of professionals on a per project bases or recruit new dedicated staff
    • Offshore staffing is a business process that is more or less the same as hiring one or more employees domestically. The main difference is the service provider, or Archetype in this case, will be responsible not only for the recruitment process but also the operational management once your offshore team starts working for you from the Philippines. To get started, we assess your requirements, create job profiles, and start looking for candidates who have the knowledge and skill set that you need. You can be involved in the screening process by giving your own tests or interviewing the candidates.

    If you’re interested in learning more about our services please contact our Managing Director direct,

    Mr Darren Toy


    P:++63 02 661-3773

    We understand every business is different and everything we do will be customized to your needs.

    We are looking forward to hearing from you and becoming your partner in helping you grow your business.